How does it work?

Have you seen a work of art that sparks your interest? Just place it in your basket and either keep shopping or go directly to checkout. You will always receive an order confirmation per email. All prices include 9% VAT, but exclude delivery.

Would you prefer viewing the art piece before buying it? That’s possible! Please drop Dorian Temming an email or call her on +31 6309 21512.


Where possible, we will personally deliver the art to your doorstep! If for some reason personal delivery is not an option or the distance is too big, the box will come your way per mail. In those cases we will charge regular PostNL prices.

We aim to deliver boxes within two or three days of payment, but we will always let you know if it might take a little bit longer.

Would you like to know more about deliveries and returns? Have a look at out terms & conditions.